Frequently Asked Questions  

Does Mi Escuelita prepare children for Kindergarten?

On socio-emotional development:
Our activities promote independent and proactive behavior, conflict resolution and self regulation among other tools for daily circunstances.

On pre-academics:
Yes, we prepare every children for Kindergarten on abc's , numbers, counting, shapes, colors and so much more.

What ages do you accept in your program?

Mi Escuelita accept children from 2 to 5 years old.

Are children required to speak Spanish to be accepted in your program?

No, children are no required to speak Spanish nor their families to enter our program.

Is potty training required for enrolling a child in your program?

No, potty training is not required for enrolling at Mi Escuelita.

Do you have a wait list and how can I get my child in it?

Yes, Mi Escuelita has a wait list and there are no fees for a place on it.
Just provide us your child's full name and DOB, your desired schedule and starting time.

Do you close during the year?

Mi Escuelita close for two weeks in Summer and two weeks in Winter. We also close for the major Federal Holidays.

Do you require the parents to help in your program?

No, parents are not required to help in our program. We are not a co-op preschool.